• Sponge Iron
  • M.S. Billets
  • Rolling Mill (TMT Bar/ MS Round)
  • Pellet
  • Power
  • Pig Iron
  • Silico Manganese
  • Wire Rod
  • Ferro Silicon

High Strength TMT has replaced the conventional steel bar due to its high strength, less consumption per cuM3 of RCC and therefore economical. Ankit TMT is produced under stringent quality control and is best for use under most severe conditions and major constructions like bridges, flyovers, high-rise buildings and even in areas of high humidity, cyclone prone areas, seismic prone areas, etc. due to its high corrosion and seismic resistant and high strength properties.

The Company will be producing wire rods & other rolled products also. Typical end-users of these products are real estate developers, construction units, forging units, wire drawing units, railways and engineering industries.

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